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Embark on an epic adventure to the Spirit Kingdom in search of your best friend's missing ball. Super Ninja Ball Dash is an Action/Physics Puzzle/Platformer where you avoid deadly, classic platformer obstacles in each level, as you look for the ball. Collect special Shurikens to increase your time limit as you try to solve the puzzle on how to get the ball back to the flag, once you have located it in the level!

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Super Ninja Ball Dash Demo Features:

- Explore the vibrant 1st World (2 Worlds in full game)
- 9 unique levels to complete in World 1 (40 total levels in full game, 20 per World)
- Your only objective is to get the ball to the flag
- Collect as many shurikens as possible to increase your time limit
- Death defying, old school platforming to overcome
- Rewarding and fun physics puzzles to complete
- Collect all the gold trophies and enjoy many hours of replay-ability
- Simple and extremely fluid character controls

- 60 fps gameplay


- Movement = A/D or Left/Right Arrow

- Jump = Space Bar

- Double Jump = Space Bar + Space Bar

- Navigate Menus = Mouse (Left Click to Select)

Install instructions


- Double click the app to start playing the game


- Unzip the PC.Zip file

- Once opened, double click the .exe file to start playing the game


- Unzip the Linux.Zip file

- Once opened, double click the .x86 file to start playing the game


Super_Ninja_Ball_Dash_Demo.app.zip 21 MB
PC.zip 48 MB
Linux.zip 21 MB

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